zSeries Analytics

What is zHISR? 

zHISR is an application profiler that generates a hot spot analysis of customer, vendor, or operating system program execution. zHISR interfaces directly with z/OS Hardware Instrumentation Services on IBM® System z10® or zEnterprise® processors to collect data used to produce analysis reports. These reports can be printed or saved and are used to help tune applications by locating the specific sections of your code that are the biggest CPU consumers.

zHISR can navigate a z/OS UNIX file system or z/OS data sets to browse and manage files that are created by zHISR. With zHISR, users can start and stop hardware event data collections and view the status of any ongoing collections. When used with z/OS 2.1 systems or later, zHISR supports up to 128 concurrent collections. zHISR also includes a memory display/alter utility that lets you view main storage in the CPU you are logged on to. If zIIP specialty engines are available and zHISR is APF authorized, nearly all of the CPU processing used by zHISR is redirected to a zIIP

Key zHISR features include

■■ 128 simultaneous data collections. 
■■ System console commands. 
■■ API for COBOL and Assembler.
■■ Automatic initiation of collections. 
■■ JCL to collect data when job or step starts. 
■■ z/OS UNIX file or z/OS data set storage. 
■■ CICS transaction support. 
■■ Analysis based on time range.

Who needs zHISR? 

■■ Software developers—streamline code to reduce response time and CPU resource consumption. 
■■ Performance analysts—identify problems quickly and easily. 
■■ System programmers—meet and exceed service-level agreements