ShadowDisk/Z Webinar

Join us --- for a Technical Demonstration

Tuesday  April 30th   11:00 AM EST


The ShadowDisk/Z product is designed to provide developers with comprehensive application testing and bug isolation in the Linux for IBM Z environment. 

ShadowDisk/Z is a software enhancement to z/VM that allows multiple Linux developers to transparently share Linux filesystems without altering the base copy

                                         Key Software Benefits

       Significantly reduces test/developer disk requirements for multiple-user Linux application testing
   •     Significantly lessens FS backup/restore requirements, since the DB contains only active FS blocks.
   •    Databases can be shared among multiple users.
   •    Utilities provided to query, backup, and restore ShadowDisk/Z databases.
   •    Provides for the creation of databases which do not require a base FS (NOBASE option).

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