ShadowDisk/Z Webinar

Join us --- for a Technical Demonstration

Thursday June 27th at 11:00 AM  EST


Optimize your z/Linux development environment by using Shadowdisk/z


Reduce the amount of hardware required to run multiple z/Linux test virtual machines.

 Save time during a testing session, you can stop the virtual machine and back up the modified records. 
After the data has been backed up, you can continue testing, or use your virtual machine for a different test.

Lower latency by using “ Checkpoints “  that can be set easily allowing you to clear the records from the Shadowdisk/z database at any time.

By deploying a z/Linux Storage Tool like Shadowdisk/z your development processes will improve dramatically and you will lower your time to completion.


Join us Thursday June 27th at 11:00 AM EST

Key Software Benefits


       Significantly reduces test/developer disk requirements for multiple-user Linux application testing
   •     Significantly lessens FS backup/restore requirements, since the DB contains only active FS blocks.
   •    Databases can be shared among multiple users.
   •    Utilities provided to query, backup, and restore ShadowDisk/Z databases.
   •    Provides for the creation of databases which do not require a base FS (NOBASE option).

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