MDI DataSystems, Inc. products enable you to manage and deploy your existing workload on IBM System z with less effort and time. Our mainframe solutions help you  reduce management overhead; optimizing transaction processing, delivering millions of reliable, secure transactions per day; and meeting demanding performance/response times.  We can help you get more out of your mainframe with newer technologies representing  advanced Series z software products that have rigorously proven themselves in major Fortune 500 organizations.  These products have unique capabilites that set them apart from existing MVS software products and help advance the art of analyzing performance and development
 environments. C
ustomer support is the most important factor in achieving overall software success and MDI will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.       

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DevOps Advisory (TSI-ADV)

Best-fit for organizations who are new to DevOps methodology, not aware of their current maturity level to adopt the new process, and have no clear roadmap and strategy on how to reach their long-term destination to keep pace with the business agility.

TSI’s Advisory Service assess your capability for DevOps implementation and helps you to understand the existing IT challenges in your organization for fundamentally transforming the entire organization to align towards the mutual goal of quickly and consistently delivering the high-quality products and services. 

Here are the three key stages of this practice implementation.

TSI advisory involves assessing the current state of organization, identifying the gaps in the DevOps implementation in terms of people, process and technology perspectives, and advise on the solution approach detailing the organizational changes to undergo a DevOps transformation for automating the infrastructure.

  • Conduct workshops to familiarize the DevOps fundamentals, and to understand the business goals, culture
  • Maturity Level Assessment
  • Processes and Tools Assessment
  • Develop prioritized roadmap to achieve continuous delivery incrementally
  • Identity and develop business cases for DevOps practice implementation
  • Acquire deep expertise in the selection of right DevOps process and tools


Tuesday October 2nd


Todd Lipp is a seasoned data professional with over 20 years of experience in various roles within IT. He specializes in mainframe and z/OS production tools and Rocket Software data products. He currently resides in Tampa, FL and is currently Senior Sales Engineer at Rocket Software.


Please join SPARTA and Rocket’s Todd Lipp to learn about the latest announcement straight from SHARE – Zowe!  Learn what this means for your organization, and for all z companies around the world.    For the first time in history major mainframe brands (starting with IBM, Rocket, and CA) have formed an alliance to bring a new open source architecture to z, intended to bridge the divide between modern enterprise applications and the mainframe. During this presentation, Todd will also discuss the Rocket’s z/OS open source support portfolio, sharing examples of how these new languages are in use on z.   Finally, the presentation will wrap up with an update on the top 4 offerings from the Rocket z products suite.    The presentation will go for approximately 90 minutes, and will include plenty of opportunity for Q&A and interactive discussion.  Dinner will be catered by Rocket Software.

Please feel free to invite anyone that you know that might be interested. Guests are free.

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