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ShadowDisk/z extends VPARs to z/Linux

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The next SPARTA meeting will be held at LabCorp in RTP on Tuesday, July 9th

z/OS Mainframe Security
Continued from June 4th

Chris Meyer, CISSP

Senior Technical Staff Member

z/OS Network Security Architect

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM, food will be available around 6:15 PM.

For details go to our SPARTA

See you there !!


**   New for z/VM
                                                                        ShadowDisk/z Webinar
Thursday June 27th 
at 11:00 AM EST

Join us for a live overview of ShadowDisk and a demonstration of the Key Benefits below.

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Approx. 40 Mins.


If you use z/VM and z/Linux this webinar should be very interesting.

Roger Williams, Principal Architect will demonstrate and answer any questions.


ShadowDisk/Z is a software implementation to z/VM which allows multiple Linux virtual machines to transparently share part or all of a virtual Linux file system, without altering the base FS


Key Benefits


        Significantly reduces test/developer disk requirements for multiple-user Linux application testing

        Significantly lessens FS backup/restore requirements, since the DB contains only active FS blocks.

        Databases can be shared among multiple users.

        Utilities provided to query, backup, and restore ShadowDisk/Z databases.

        Provides for the creation of databases which do not require a base FS (NOBASE option).