MDI DataSystems, Inc. represents Vendor's software products enabling  you to manage and deploy your existing workload on IBM System z in a more cost effective manor.. Our customer mainframe solutions help you reduce management overhead; optimizing transaction processing, delivering millions of reliable, secure transactions per day; and meeting demanding performance/response times.  These vendors can help you get more out of your mainframe with newer technologies representing  advanced Series z software products that have rigorously proven themselves.
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2019 Kick off is Feb 5

Thanks to Frank Kyne for presenting to our last SPARTA meeting of the year.

It was a blast !!


Frank Kyne, technical consultant.  Prior to joining Watson & Walker, Frank was a project leader in the IBM Redbooks organization, responsible for Redbooks on Parallel Sysplex, high availability, and performance. 

Abstract: Software Pricing – The New Frontier in System Tuning

We (mainframers) have years of experience with addressing poor application response times (break down the response time, find the largest component, and address with faster I/O, more buffers, eliminate paging, etc) or batch job turnaround delays (Analyze submit-to-completion times, find the largest component, and address with initiator tuning, I/O reduction, service class adjustments, etc).   So why not view software pricing through the same lens?  The metric is dollars rather than seconds, but the approach is similar - Analyze your bill to identify its constituent parts, eliminate waste (no longer used products), then focus on reducing the peak MSUs or the cost of those MSUs – the toolkit is the same, except that you now have even more tools (software pricing options) to address your problem.


This Event was held on SAS Campus

For details go to our SPARTA


**   New for z/VM
                                                                        ShadowDisk/z Webinar

Here is the invitation for Upcoming Sessions


If you use z/VM and z/Linux this webinar should be very interesting.

Roger Williams, Principal Architect will demonstrate and answer any questions.


ShadowDisk/Z is a software implementation to z/VM which allows multiple Linux virtual machines to transparently share part or all of a virtual Linux file system, without altering the base FS


Key Benefits


        Significantly reduces test/developer disk requirements for multiple-user Linux application testing

        Significantly lessens FS backup/restore requirements, since the DB contains only active FS blocks.

        Databases can be shared among multiple users.

        Utilities provided to query, backup, and restore ShadowDisk/Z databases.

        Provides for the creation of databases which do not require a base FS (NOBASE option).


Join us for a live overview of ShadowDisk and a demonstration of the Key Benefits above.


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Approx.  1 Hour.


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