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z/OS Developer Software              

Introducing zSAT

zSAT is an analysis tool for z/OS system programmers, managers, auditors and administrators. It is a graphical interface that simplifies access to critical system areas.

        zSAT’s features include:
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Consumes few CPU cycles
  • Secure access via RACF
  • Ability to compare collected system data
  • Simple generation of graphical reports
  • Export/Print reports
  • Dashboard with health-check results and warnings

Why zSAT?

In z/OS, finding basic system information amongst the plethora of available data is not straightforward. Simple questions can be hard to answer, such as:

  • What is the CPU Model number?
  • When was the last IPL done?
  • How many DASDs are online?
  • Where do backups of RACF Profiles reside?
  • What is the RACF primary data set name?
  • What types of SMF Exits are configured?
  • How can I look at the PARMLIB?

However, accessing such information is not always as easy as it sounds. It is often tedious and timeconsuming.

Save Analysis Time and Effort

zSAT saves analysis time and effort, because it enables users to quickly and efficiently collect system details, analyze them and prepare reports, without the need for systems programming tools or familiarity with the command-line.

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